Gut Grief on Toast

Serves 1. Entertaining guests? Amaze them with this delicious and wholesome recipe that becomes more and more musical as the evening goes on. Timing Ingredients Steps Using a steel rule or scrap of galvanised sheet metal, cut the cheese into thin, delicate slices. Galvanized metal is great if it’s available, since it’s use may contribute… Continue reading Gut Grief on Toast

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New or Used? Why Second Hand is the New New

Do you enjoy buying something new? The fresh, new smell. That tastefully contrived packaging. There’s no denying the satisfaction we derive from a product that’s never had a previous owner. So why, according to the Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report 2020, has the Australian market for pre-owned goods increased by AUD $3 billion over any… Continue reading New or Used? Why Second Hand is the New New

Enphase Envoy with MQTT

As a solar installer, I think it’s great that solar inverters are related accessories are, in the last few years, starting to get connected to the Internet. Being able to see a graph of—for example—production vs consumption, is an enormous help in reducing a power bill and environmental footprint. The average user is fascinated with… Continue reading Enphase Envoy with MQTT

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